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Exp: 25 September, 2023

Welcome to TiahStore

We connect sellers and buyers from all over the world and develop various business opportunities based on the people's economy.

In our online store, thousands of people around the world are connected, online, to buy and sell things they need. We also offer a variety of services to help creative entrepreneurs start, manage, and scale their business through website creation. Our mission is to create various business opportunities and employment opportunities through online business in order to strengthen the nation’s economic foundation.


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Discover TiahStore’s Journey

January 2017
Gets launched as online Shop by Ahmadin Umar in Indonesia.
May 2018
At first we started selling only clothes and bags with limited products
December 2019
The next stage we add some new products in the form of household furniture and accessories
February 2020
The increasing interest of buyers encourages us to add food and beverage products
September 2021
This year we are trying to sell animal products and accessories
January 2022
At the beginning of this year we developed products for animal needs in the form of bags and bedding

Awards & Recognition

Shoppers have so far recognized TiahStore as a very enjoyable place to shop online. Our full-featured store makes it easy for consumers to find needed products and shop online and offline.

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